For over 5,000 years, mankind has used the Cannabis plant valuing it for its flexible applications in clothing, food and medicines.

CBD is an all-natural gift from Mother Nature that can also work wonders for your beard and skin because of the unique properties it contains.

CBD stands for cannabidiol. It is a compound that comes from hemp plants. CBD is one of the 113 identified naturally occurring cannabinoids found in cannabis plants. It elicits no psychotropic effects and it is completely legal.

The psychotropic effects caused by THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) led to a rise in Cannabis’s popularity as a recreational product. Subsequently, global legislation and controls were imposed and by the mid 20th century Cannabis – and by association hemp cultivation – was illegal in most countries.

From our experience, a lot of cannabis products on shelves usually contain hemp seed oil, which has the fatty acids that can help with moisturising your hair, but do not have the same anti-inflammatory benefits that CBD oil for hair has. Don’t be fooled by clever marketing, if you see a cannabis plant on the label, that doesn’t mean the beard formula contains CBD oil.

Actual CBD oil is a concentrated form extracted from CBD. The oil is used for hair, skin and makeup products, but because it is sourced from the plant’s flowers and leaves, it may not be legal depending on where it’s sold. This is why hemp seed oil has become a popular option because it is sourced from the plant’s seeds, making it legal. Although, many say the effects of hemp seed oil aren’t as powerful as those found in CBD oil.

“Including CBD into my beard grooming regime has been my secret weapon to improve the health of my beard and skin with its unique natural properties. From moisturising your hair to stimulating hair growth, regular use of CBD for beards and skin has so many benefits”
(BCL Founder, Liam Patrick)

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