Caring for a black man’s specific hair texture requires a little more effort. … Black men beards thrives from moisture, and a Beard Culture London beard oil will keep your beard hydrated and soft all day long.
Beard Culture London provide the best beard oils and CBD beard balms for black men.

Top Beard Growth Tips for Black Men:

  • Make it a habit to trim beard
  • Nurture the underlying skin
  • Regularly wash your beard
  • Familiarize a beard maintenance routine that is right for you
  • Avoid pulling out ingrown hair
  • Eat and drink right
  • And of course use Beard Culture London’s beard oil and our CBD beard oil

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For over 5,000 years, mankind has used the Cannabis plant valuing it for its flexible applications in clothing, food and medicines.

During our quest to create the finest grooming products, we established that the inclusion of CBD helped to combat some of the most common issues that men faced with their beards.

The use of hemp seed originates in Asia, with the first documented reports of hemp’s existence dating back over thousands of years to Old China.

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Our Organic, All-Natural, Vegan product range is powered by the finest natural premium ingredients made from natural hemp plant extract.

Unlike other brands, we create our products in a Pharmaceutical Grade, ISO regulated, GMP manufacturing facility and all of our products are dermatologically tested. Our CBD products are all 3rd party lab tested and certified.

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